Pregnancy Nutrition: Calories & Needs


You are pregnant! So how many extra calories should you be eating now and what foods should you focus on? Well, it's a pretty heavy topic but we've got some bite sized nuggets of info to start you off!

🌱First Trimester: Extra calories during your first trimester might not be your focus as you let the excitement of pregnancy set in!

Instead, focus on nutritious foods that keep your energy up and doing your best to curb morning sickness if you experience it (our ginger drops or lemon drops help too!) while supporting your baby's development.

Vitamin B & C are key, The most well known one is B9, folate, which helps protect from risk of neural tube defects. Vitamin C to support your immunity which is often taxed in early pregnancy.

Folate: dark leafy greens, citrus, asparagus, broccoli, lentils, legumes, grass-fed liver.

🌱Second trimester: Increases to 300 to 350 calories per day, the equivalent of, say, two glasses of milk and a bowl of porridge.

Iron is a key nutrient in the second trimester when blood volume increases by 40-50%. Vitamin C is important to increase iron absorption! Good thing our Superreds and Supergreens blends can help with those needs.

🌱Third trimester: You'll need about an extra 450 to 500 calories per day. The nutritional needs of a baby peak at this time of rapid growth. Higher levels of iron and protein is needed, crucial to maintain increased blood volume, growth, a healthy placenta.

Those kicks feeling stronger? baby’s bones are developing and calcium is BIG!

Essential fatty acids like omega-3 play the biggest role in T3, so important for the development of baby’s brain which is made up of 60% fat, specifically DHA. Healthy fats help add protective padding to your baby to prepare for earthside!

Calcium: leafy greens, nuts, yoghurt. Vitamin D3: fatty fish, eggs Vitamin K2: fermented foods like kimchi, sauerkraut, chicken, beef.

Omega-3: fatty fish such as mackerel or salmon, Marine algae (find one that contains DHA & EPA)(good thing our Moon Milk to help pregnancy insomnia has wakame seaweed to help!)

Did you ever feel extra hungry during pregnancy?✨