What I wish I did last year: New Year Resolutions - Mum Edition

Resolutions I wish I made last year: New Year Resolutions - Mum Edition 

Stepping into the new year as a mum feels like embarking on a journey of endless possibilities and well-intended resolutions. It's no secret that we say farewell to the challenges of the past year and embrace the promise of a fresh start, every mum finds herself thinking ahead for not just for herself but for her family too.

In this blog post, let's dive into the world of mum resolutions for the new year. Who knows, these resolutions might inspire you to go on your journey of self-discovery, and growth, and to creating another year of love and joy for our families.

From self-care rituals to parenting triumphs, here's to another amazing year of motherhood.

Prioritise Self Care for Mums


Prioritise self-care: 

Make time for your own well-being, whether it's through exercise, hobbies, or relaxation. It's easy to neglect ourselves, and hey - it's a New year, new (refreshed) you!

Strengthen Family and Baby Bond with Mum

Strengthen family bonding:

That camping trip you have always wanted to do? Do it.
Plan activities throughout the year that bring your family together and create lasting memories. Remember to clear your camera reel for the adventures ahead!

Career Goals for Mums - Going back to the workforce after maternity leave

Personal or Career growth:

Ever had a dream you wanted to pursue? Or maybe you're thinking of heading back to the workforce. Now is as good a time as any to think about goals on when to get active again or explore new opportunities, or maybe to even put time aside to pick up a hobby or side project you've been wanting to do.

Working through Mum Guilt and learning to be a better mum and a better parent to my baby and kids

Enhance your parenting:

Some parents wonder what is going on in their childs brain... maybe your goal this year is to continuously put in effort into learning and educating yourself and adapting to the evolving needs of your children as they grow. We recommend The Wonder Weeks App to track your baby's progress and development leaps, or consult your local parent center for upcoming courses.


Prioritising my own health and fitness as a mum. Mum getting back to the gym and health and wellness for the family

Your own Health and wellness: 

Maybe it's time to dust off your excercise sneakers, or pick up that spin class again. You might find that focusing on maintaining a healthy lifestyle for you and your family, including nutritious meals and regular exercise, helps you this year. For those getting active and back to the gym, we recommend our Mammas Milk Bar Clean Protein Range - clean protein, made safe for you and baby, without any nasty fillers or additives.

A mum needs her village - creating a supportinve mum and parent support group - where to find your ideal parent friends

Effort in creating a supportive network: 

Ever wanted to brave the social scene and look for new friendships with other parents for mutual support and shared experiences? Consult your local Plunket, or Facebook groups to find local mum coffee groups, or use the Peanut app to look for like-minded mum friends.

Time management for mums and new parents

Organization and time management: 

Start thinking about strategies to efficiently balance family, work, and personal responsibilities. Maybe have a daily calendar on the fridge where you can block time and days for certain things, or keep a family Google calendar for the whole family to track.

Happy Mum - Happy baby - Happy Child. A mum putting her mental health first and battling post natal depression
Foster a positive mindset:

Embrace challenges with a dose of gratitude and find joy in the everyday moments of motherhood. Tomorrow is a new day, even if today was hard. You have got this mamma!