Mother breastfeeding a child

Being a mamma is really tough work..

There's alot of questions we ask ourselves right after giving birth;

Am I making enough milk for my babe?
What am I supposed to eat?
When I find time for myself again?
How can I keep healthy during this time?

If you are able to breastfeed, breast milk is the ideal food for your baby. It’s made perfect from you to your babe, just for your child's health and development. When breastfeeding though, nutrition becomes a concern because you have to worry about nutrition for two. A healthy diet promotes quality milk production and boosts your energy.

As a mamma, Its so important to know to know whats going into your body for your baby

As a mum, you are not only trying to stay healthy for yourself, but you ultimately want to do what’s best for your baby.  It's common knowledge that what you eat goes into your milk. 

Physical barriers, lack of time or possibly being unable to move around as easily just after a Caesarean, mean that achieving healthy diets can be pretty difficult for some. 

All that and paired with low milk supply or a dip in supply while wanting to do the best for baby? Well, we made these blends JUST for you mamma.

My experience; A New Mamma, and Struggling with Low Milk Supply

Tired of being unable to find a healthier alternative to deliver lactation support, I ended up making my own blends with the highest quality and 100% Natural yummy ingredients like New Zealand Oats, Dutch Cocoa, Real Vanlla Beans, Organic Coconut Sugar and more. And the best part? Made in New Zealand.

We have made our lactation blends as versatile as possible for all the busy mammas who need a quick fix, who need something delicious, nutritious and easy all the while meeting milk supply needs:

Milkshakes, Lattes, Smoothies, Blendy Bowls, and more

Our lactation blends are Vegan friendly, Soy free, dairy free, wheat free, 100% Natural Ingredients

We make our blends LOW in SUGAR as well. Because we know some mammas want to be able to control and add their own sugar intake! But that doesn't mean any compromise on the taste. 

Selection of Mamma's Milk Bar products

How do I take the blends?

Each serving is about 30 grams, the equivlent is 2 heaped tablespoons. No scoop is included because mum says a spoon does the job. For best results, you can take the blends 2 to 3 times per day, even more if you want (they are delicious and full of good nutritious 100% natural ingredients after all) for about 2 to 3 days.

During this time it is important to DRINK lots of WATER, and also do a few power pump sessions after feeds, even 5 mins on, 5 min off helps. You should see some improvement in your supply after 3 to 4 days.

You can adjust your servings to suit however you like it as as well, thickness, consistency, flavour, I have had some mums take 3 heaped tablespoons per serving etc. There really is not fixed rule as to how you want to take your Mammas Milk Bar Blends. 

No, How DO I take the blends?

We are glad you asked! We have made the blends as versatile as possible, we know as mammas, it gets busy, so perfect as Milkshakes, Lattes, Smoothies, Blendy bowl, you can use them hot OR cold, be creative. AND dont forget to share with us on our Instagram or Facebook!:

Do Note that we make our blends LOW in sugar so if it is not sweet enough, do add your own to suit.

MILKSHAKE: 1 serving and 1 cup of your favorite milk and Shake shake shake! Alternatively, you can blitz it in a blender as well. For me, when Im busy, Il add in a dollop of yogurt or to be extra, some ice cream. There is some settlement at the bottom but that is seriously good stuff, so just give it a swirl around.

LATTES: WELL, this is a tip my fellow mammas gave me about the blends which is so neat. 1 serving with warm/hot milk, or your morning coffee/tea in a shaker or keep cup (lid on) and shake, shake, shake! Alternatively if you have a nespresso milk foarmer/steamer/aerochino, just add your milk, and a serving and away you go. You can see one of our mammas prepare one here

Nespresso Milk steamer Aerochino foamer


SMOOTHIES: 1 serving, your favourite milk, water and ingredients in a blender and blitz away.

smoothie bowl mammas milk bar

HOT BLENDY BOWL: Heat 1 cup of warm milk on the stove and 1 serving and keep stirring until it gets thick. It gets thick really fast so keep a eye out! Serve with your favourite toppings

Please note that our blends are made with LOW sugar because we want every mamma to be able to enjoy them. Some mammas might have conditions where low sugar is required and sweet treats are not possible. So do add your own to suit. 

Pumping Milk Boost supply Mammas Milk Bar

Will taking Mamma's Milk Bar Lactation Blends guarantee my supply to boost?

As with anything, we don't claim to guarantee boosting your supply, as every mamma is different. But we have had many mammas who have seen an increase and results after using Mammas Milk Bar Lactation blends.

Our blends have formulated galactogogues ingredients into unique blends to assist and stimulate milk supply. For all mammas wanting to boost supply, we recommend practicing the following along with taking the blends. Many mums have seen results this way:

-Regular pumping, and power pumping for the first 2/3 days

-or Regular latching to help your body remember its role in making that liquid gold if possible

-Drinking lots of water. This is very important as you need liquid to make that liquid gold. Make sense right?

You can read more tips here. 

How long will it take to see results?

Most women see results within 3-4 days, some sooner, some later, and for a few, maybe not at all, we need to stress that every mamma is different, and things like drinking lots of water, power pumping helps to stimulate milk production Alot.

Are the Blends safe for my family to take?

ABSOLUTELY. Another thing we love about our blends is that being a mamma, sometimes you don't have time for everything. So you can just whip up nutritious smoothies, blendy bowls, etc and share it with your little one or family. My toddler likes to share my smoothies and husband loves his blendy bowls made with Mammas Milk Bar because it's easy, and all nutritious 100% natural stuff (and no, he does not not lactate ladies).

Allergen/Vegan Information?

Yes, Our blends are Vegan friendly. We also know the concerns for mammas who have babies that have allergens and reactions to Egg, Dairy, Gluten, Soy, etc. We are happy to note that our blends are egg free, dairy free, wheat free, soy free, nut free. However while we try out best to prevent any contamination, we need to disclose that we prepare the blends in a environment that stores egg and dairy, nut and gluten products. If any doubts, please consult your doctor.