Arm Pit Milk Ducts


One of the many odd things that happens, but no one ever talks about...yes a milk duct in armpit while breastfeeding is absolutely possible!

What is it?

Well, its a milk duct that is in your arm pit and yes, it could produce milk too.

"I was in so much pain, my armpits were filled up, and my breasts were huge, just rock hard."

Linda Jones shared her experience of her armpits filling with breast milk — a little known but not uncommon side effect of engorgement, which is when an increase in blood flow and milk supply to the breasts causes swelling, tenderness and pain.

How does it happen?

During pregnancy, the level of hormones that help your body make milk is 10-20 times higher than it was before pregnancy.

This cocktail of progesterone, estrogen and prolactin triggers your milk ducts to expand quite extensively.

The ducts begin to branch out within the breasts. They can stretch to reach any ‘tails’ of breast tissue along the milk line.

If breast tissue develops in your armpit, it’s possible there’ll be milk ducts too.

Has this happened to you? Don't worry, most women who shared their experience with us have affirmed that it doesn't come with a third nipple 😉 and usually subsides after the first week of milk coming in/engorgement.