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Born from Love and Aroha and a tired new Mamma looking for Healthy Lactation and Protein Support, this is our story.

Hi! I'm Wendy - Mum to two wee babes, and a wife, sister, daughter.

During and after my pregnancy, I struggled with two things;

1. Boosting Breastmilk Supply in a NATURAL and HEALTHY way without relying on sweet lactation treats and;

2. Finding Clean Protein Powder that had NO nasty stuff to support my needs when I was Pregnant and Breastfeeding WITHOUT having to worry about the crazy ingredients that comes with commercial protein powders.

As a mamma, you want to able to give your baby and your body the best. Mamma's Milk Bar was created based around a simple principle:

Authentic and Honest high quality Lactation Booster Blends and Premium Protein Powder needs without worry, from one mamma to another, we are endorsed by midwives and lactation consultants.

Ingredients you can say, Goodness you can see

(that's why our bottles are clear!)

I found myself creating my own formulations and versatile blends, sourcing the best ingredients for my own needs during my pregnancy, birth journey and beyond. Here's a little bit about me sharing my struggles and maybe you mamma, relate too:

I Struggled with Low Milk Supply. And wanted a Healthier Alternative to Boost my Supply.

I wasn't blessed with a good supply. An advocate for Breast is best, and wanting to do my best for babe, I soon looked to finding natural ingredients that would assist in boosting my supply.

After all, we just want to feed our babes, am I right mamma?

Not wanting to rely too much on the many sweet lactation treats available out there, I found myself sourcing and mixing my own versatile powder blends.

With what ingredients you ask?

This is where Galactagouges come in, ingredients such as Oats, Fenugreek, Fennel, Brewers Yeast, Flaxseeds just to name a few. 

All of these qualify as galactagogues. The word “galactagogues” comes from the Greek “galacta,” meaning milk.

Although there are no specific medical studies done proving the effects of galactagouges on boosting a mothers milk, there have been thousands of women who have relied on these ingredients in some form or another and have seen results in boosting liquid gold, whether it be through breastfeeding or pumping. Just google "galactogogues and lactation"! is also a great website for more information.

Clean protein to support a mamma's needs during pregnancy, breastfeeding and an active postpartum lifestyle.

Protein is known as a macro nutrient and plays a vital supporting role for every cell in the body. Essential for the healthy development of mamma and baby during pregnancy and breastfeeding, protein needs can increase up to 70 to 100+ grams per day according to experts*.

For breastfeeding and postpartum, adequate protein is also needed to ensure mamma's body can build, repair and produce mothers milk for baby. 

Usually a mamma can meet these protein needs from a healthy and varied diet, but for some women, like me, struggle because of morning sickness or hyperemesis and need that extra boost. 

So we went on a search, and wow we struggled to find a clean, 100% natural protein powder that a mamma could trust, something that was free of artificial flavorings, colors, thickeners, bulking agents, added vitamins and minerals and without a ridiculous amount of sweetener in it.

So what is a mamma to do? We went straight to the source and manufactured our own. A 100% Natural Clean Protein Powder that a mamma could trust while breastfeeding my babe and getting back into a healthy fit lifestyle, its sole purpose to support protein needs next to a healthy diet for your body, baby, and you.

You can find out more about Protein Powders for Pregnant and Breastfeeding mammas here!


100% Natural Ingredients, Real ingredients.

Honestly made. Nothing else.

Proudly Made in New Zealand.

With you in mind mamma, being number one, We have put in some hard work to formulate and source 100% premium natural ingredients right here in New Zealand to create Versatile Lactation Blends and Pure Clean Protein.

We are a small family business, and so we Thank you for supporting us as a wholly owned and operated Kiwi business. Nutrition Recommendations in Pregnancy and Lactation, MD, MS, Associate Professor; Michelle A. Kominiarek, Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, Division of Maternal-Fetal Medicine, Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine