Postpartum Care for Mums: Nurturing Yourself in the New Normal

Postpartum Care for Mums: Nurturing Yourself in the New Normal

Welcome to the rollercoaster that is postpartum life, lovely mamas! This incredible journey of motherhood has just begun, and while you're busy cocooning that tiny human with all the love and milk you can muster, it's essential not to forget the superstar in this journey - you. Yes, YOU! Postpartum isn't just about baby burps and nappy changes; it's also a crucial time for mummy care. 

Accept the Emotional Ebb and Flow

First off, let’s talk feelings. After birth, your hormones can do the tango, leading to what many call the "baby blues." It's okay to feel joy, sadness, overwhelm, and everything in between, often all at once. Recognise these emotions are part of the package and allow yourself to feel them fully. If the blues seem heavier and linger longer than a couple of weeks, reaching out for support is very important. Postpartum depression is real and treatable, and seeking help is a sign of strength, not weakness.

The Art of Rest... Yes, It’s an Art!

In the whirlwind of newborn care, finding time to rest can feel like searching for a lost pacifier in the dark - futile but necessary. Here's the secret: rest isn't just about sleep (though napping when baby naps is golden advice). It's about finding moments to recharge. Maybe it's a warm bath, a quiet cup of tea, or staring at the sky for five whole minutes. Listen to your body and give it the downtime it craves.

Nourish to Flourish

Your body has just done something amazing. Now, it's healing, and that requires fuel. Think nourishing, wholesome meals that boost energy and aid recovery (and yes, snacks count too!). It might be tempting to dive into a diet to shed the "baby weight," but remember, this is the time for nourishment, not restriction. Bonus points if you manage to eat with one hand while holding a sleeping baby in the other.

Keep the Waterworks in Check

Hydration, hydration, hydration! Drinking plenty of fluids is crucial, especially if you're breastfeeding. It helps with milk production and keeps your energy levels up. So, keep that water bottle handy and take sips as often as you can. Think of it as your new accessory - stylish and essential. Here are some of our recommendations for Hydration 


Embrace Your Tribe

They say it takes a village to raise a child, but let's not forget the village it takes to support a new mama. Lean on your partner, family, friends, or a mama’s group. Whether it's for a chat, a cry, or to have someone watch the baby while you shower longer than two minutes, accepting help allows you to refill your own cup.


Moving Your Body, Gently

Once you've got the green light from your healthcare provider, gentle movement can work wonders. We're not talking marathons here, just simple activities that make your body feel good - think walks, stretching, or postpartum yoga. It's about reconnecting with your body and appreciating all it's done and continues to do.

Celebrate the Small Wins

Every day, find something to celebrate - maybe you managed to brush your hair, perhaps you made it through another sleepless night, or maybe you just enjoyed a hot cup of coffee. These are victories, mama! Acknowledge and celebrate them.

Navigating the postpartum period is a journey of discovery, healing, and immense love. Remember, taking care of yourself isn't just a part of motherhood; it's a necessity. You're doing an incredible job, and it's okay to prioritize your well-being. After all, a happy, healthy mama is the cornerstone of a happy, healthy baby. From all of us at Mammas Milk Bar, we're sending you a big, comforting hug. You've got this, beautiful mama! 💖