OUR MISSION IS TO EMPOWER YOUR motherhood journey with nourishing products that helps mums feel that they are doing their best for their babies, themselves, and their families.

We are here to support every mum and newborn in being able to breastfeed and to ensure the best start in life.

Mammas Milk Bar was born from love and a tired new mamma looking for healthy support during pregnancy, lactation, postpartum and beyond.

We make amazing products made from one incredibly passionate mamma to another, a mamma whose mission is to empower your motherhood journey.

YOUR beautiful, crazy, life-turned-upside-down chaos motherhood journey and all it's amazing love and light and honour in being called "mamma, mom, mum, mother" by the little beings in your life.

Proudly endorsed by midwives and lactation consultants around the world, Mammas Milk Bar is the only company to have created and developed our 100% natural and superfood products with both midwives and mothers, meeting all the needs of our mothers from pregnancy to breastfeeding, to postpartum and beyond.

And we’ve garnered quite the following with our 100% natural, delicious and nutritious ranges that not only helps with the struggles of motherhood, but empowers a womans motherhood journey with our:

` Pregnancy & postpartum superfood blends,
` Clean protein powders, safe for pregnancy and breastfeeding,
` Lactation lattes & versatile blends for boosting milk supply and enhancing mammas best quality breastmilk for baby
` Momento inkless and casting keepsakes to help capture snapshots in time of when our wee babes were once so precious and small.

Mammas Milk Bar products solves the unique needs in all the stages of motherhood so that mum can feel her best throughout her journey, no matter what #mumlife throws her way.

Believe us, we mean it when we say we totally get it. as a mamma, it is SO important to know what is going into your body for you and for baby. that is why our products are 100% natural and endorsed by midwives and lactation consultants.

 - giving you piece of mind, from one mamma to another -

We get it, we totally do. We’re mums too! And we know you want to able to give your baby and your body the best throughout your motherhood journey, from pregnancy to breastfeeding. Mamma’s Milk Bar was created based around a simple principle:

100% natural, authentic and honest superfoods without worry, from one mamma to another.

We also listen to our community and their needs, after all, it takes a village! Feel free to hop onto our website mammasmilkbar.com and take a look at our reviews from real, honest mums!

Mammas Milk Bar is here to support you, so you can feel like you are doing the best for your wee babe, yourself and your family, authentically you.


Light and love,