Safe Protein powders for Pregnant women

Did you know..

Our bodies need between about an extra 70 to 100+ grams of protein during pregnancy and breastfeeding to support healthy development, aiding lactation and promoted healing during post partum? 

What is Protein?

Protein is known as the 'building blocks' of the body, and is a vital macro nutrient made up of essential branch chain amino acids that promote healthy development for everybody, as in, all humans. Protein is the nutrient that fosters healthy muscle, tissue, skin and organ growth and development. It is especially more important for a pregnant and breastfeeding mamma to be meeting their protein needs. 

As a mamma, I know the worry that goes in trying to meet protein needs when pregnant and breastfeeding

Protein needs can usually be met by having a wide and varied diet in whole food protein sources such as meat, fish, eggs, dairy products, tofu, beans, nuts and seeds.

While most women will be able to get enough protein in their regular diet, some others might have conditions like morning sickness like I did, may need a little support and boost which is why we went straight to the source, our powders formulated with an doctor, stripped it of everything unnecessary to create a clean pure protein that mammas can trust, from one mamma to another.

safe protein powder for pregnant breastfeeding women

My Story

When I was pregnant, I struggled to find a clean, 100% natural protein powder that I could trust. Something that was free of artificial flavorings, colours, thickeners, bulking agents, chemicals, was not fortified with vitamins or minerals, or had a ridiculous amount of sweetener in it, basically anything unnecessary except for the sole purpose of supporting my protein needs next to a healthy diet for my body, baby and me. 

I was tired of reading all the labels on a protein powder looking for the right one, and being a new mum comes mum brain which did not come in handy deciphering all those numbers and funny words on the ingredient label.

So I ended up researching, going straight to the source for a protein powder that bought me a peace of mind, knowing I could support my protein needs, with 100% natural ingredients.

And as the age old saying goes, mum knows best, we want to now bring the same peace of mind to other mammas out there, protein support they can use and trust, from one mamma to another.

Ingredients you can say, goodness you can see. 

That's why our bottles are clear.

We are big believers in "If you cant say it, don't eat it." Chances are, it'll contain junk that you and your baby don’t need.and our belief is honest and authentic, from one mamma (me!) who struggled, to another mamma (you!).

Range of bodybuilder protein powders

Are protein powders safe during pregnancy and lactation?

Short answer is NO. Most protein powders out there are formulated for workouts, or non pregnant, non breastfeeding men and women, and are targeted at building muscle or aiding a healthy active lifestyle. This can mean these protein powders can contain artificial flavorings, colours, thickeners, bulking agents and are usually fortified with vitamins or minerals and sweetener.

The reason behind why most protein powders out there are considered a big no no to pregnant and breastfeeding women, is because of all the added artificial flavorings, colours, thickeners, bulking agents, vitamins or minerals and sweeteners

Mammas Milk Bar Protein

Is Mammas Milk Bar Protein Powder is suitable for Pregnant and Breastfeeding Moms? The technical information:

Our protein is created from one mamma to another.

We use pure clean whey protein concentrate, pasture fed from New Zealand cows. Whey protein is a natural byproduct from pasteurised cheese and milk dairy products.

Whey protein is also the main ingredient that goes into............. (you'll never guess)

Baby Milk Formula!

Yes, in fact, most of New Zealand produced Whey is considered such a premium ingredient that it is produced solely for manufacturing Baby Formula that is exported all around the world ( the main markets being Asia and China ) since it contains the essential amino acids that are similar to the protein we, mammas produce in our own breast milk for our own babies

Whey protein is considered a complete protein as it contains all 9 essential amino acids. It is low in lactose content, and so it is easily processed by our body like any other protein.

Here at Mammas Milk Bar, pure, natural NZ whey powder is manufactured and formulated straight from the source.

We also don't add anything else and keep our protein as simple with as little added ingredients possible, just as nature intends it to be.

Each serving (30g) of Mammas Milk Bar Protein Powders provides about 22 grams of additional protein support. 

Trust us when we say mamma has gone and sourced the highest quality ingredients available, like real ground Vanilla beans and real Cocoa in our Vanilla and Chocolate flavours, all locally sourced in New Zealand.

We think that's pretty cool.

Child holding safe protein powder

Protein requirements during Pregnancy and Breastfeeding

As a mamma, you need extra protein to support both a growing baby, a changing body through pregnancy and postpartum, and also for breastfeeding to make that fabulous quality liquid gold.

It is recommended that a mamma needs between extra 70 to 100+ grams of protein and between extra 350 to 450 calories per day to support healthy development and aid quality milk supply.

Reference Protein Values for Australia and New Zealand ( recommends increasing protein intake to 1.1g per kg of your body weight during lactation. Normal protein needs are 0.8g per kg in your non pregnant, non breastfeeding self. Protein needs can increase depending on how much milk a mamma produces during lactation and how active a mamma can be during pregnancy.

Here's a table to illustrate your minimum protein needs during pregnancy and breastfeeding according to Reference Protein Values for Australia and New Zealand:


Normal Protein Needs

Additional Protein Needs


40 Grams

55 Grams


48 Grams

66 Grams


56 Grams

77 Grams


64 Grams

88 Grams


72 Grams

99 Grams


80 Grams

110 Grams

Protein needs can usually be met by having a wide and varied diet in whole food protein sources such as meat, fish, eggs, dairy products, tofu, beans, nuts and seeds.

So there you have it, protein is required to support development of your body building blocks during a growing pregnancy, recovery in postpartum healing, and to produce nourishing liquid gold for your baby.

Every woman is special and every journey is special, We do recommend that prior to taking protein supplements, all mammas should seek independent advice from their doctor to be sure what protein powder is suitable for them.

Please do note, no protein powder is ever a meal replacer, and serves no other purpose than to support protein needs. All mammas need a healthy and varied diet, including whole grains, vegetables, fresh fruits, calcium and healthy fat rich foods such as omega 3s to wholly support lactation and pregnancy. If any doubt, seek advice from your doctor.